15 nov. 2010

Krieg - The Black House (2004)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: United States of America (Somers Point, New Jersey)

1.Deconstructing The Eternal Tombs01:52
4.Fleshprison Monolith04:05
5.Fallen Princes Of Sightless Visions...06:54
6.A Process Of Dying03:41
7.Sickening Voices Without Speech02:43
8.Ruin Under A Burning Sky03:05
9....Without Light05:38
10.Murder Without The Burden Of Conscience01:16
11.Venus In Furs (The Velvet Underground cover)04:39
13.Coronation *02:10
Total playing time43:27


Striborg / Veil of Darkness - Cold Winter Moon/In the Valley of the Shadow of Death (2010)

Band: Striborg
Genre: Black Metal/Ambient
Country: Australia (Hobart, Tasmania)

Band: Veil Of Darkness
Genre: Black Ambient
Country: Australia (Snug, Tasmania)

1.Misanthropic Isolation06:04
2.Journey Through Night Fog03:02
3.Path to the Gate of Beliar07:24
4.Dark Veil of Death04:19
5.Under a Bloodred Sky05:41
6.Cold Winter Moon06:07
7.I Love to See Bloodspill03:08
Veil of Darkness
8.Pale Shadow of the Undead03:38
9.As the Mist Casts Across the Haunted Cemetery06:26
10.Spectral Planes09:42
11.Channeling the Ominous Spirits From Within04:42
12.The Ghostwood Forest (entering the Black Lodge)05:13
13.Pure Black Energy13:17
Total playing time01:18:43


Deathspell Omega - Paracletus (2010)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: France (Poitiers, Poitou-Charentes)

1.Epiklesis I01:42
2.Wings of Predation03:43
6.Epiklesis II03:06
8.Have You Beheld the Fevers?02:59
9.Devouring Famine05:09
10.Apokatastasis Pantôn04:01
Total playing time42:34


9 nov. 2010

Blood Red Fog - Radiating Desolation (2008)

Genre: Raw Black Metal
Country: Finland (Kuortane (early) Jyväskylä (now)

1. King                            6:44
2. Les Esprits Souffrants  7:20
3. Radiating Desolation    7:26
4. Departure                    8:14

Total Playing time:  29:44


6 nov. 2010

Lost Inside - Cold Days (2010)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: United States of America (Huntsville, Alabama)

1. Desperation
2. I Hate Myself
3. Decay of My Life
4. In the Loneliness
5. Reflections of Sadness
6. My Last Cut
7. Cold Days
8. Forever 

Total playing time:  47:07


Drowning the Light - The Blood of the Ancients (2009)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Australia (Kiama, New South Wales)

1. So far from Home - 01:07
2. Night of neverending Turmoil - 05:49
3. Chamber of lost Hope - 04:13
4. Lunar Reflection in Blood (Vampyres of the Old) - 03:48
5. The Darkness is the guiding Light - 06:37
6. Residing in a Kingdom now Lost - 04:43
7. Servant of an unholy Plague - 03:27
8. When Dusk breathes its last Breath - 04:48
9. Victory in Sight - 06:25

Total playing time:  41:32


Lyrinx - Nihilistic Purity (2007)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom (Swindon/Newbury/Weymouth) 

01. Tides of Self Destruction (6:57)
02. Nihilistic Purity (6:44)
03. Another Life Ready to End (5:47)
04. Deconstruction of the Will to Live (8:31)
05. Exit — the Pain of Existence (2:57)
06. Reflection of Opposites (Bonus Track) (9:32) 

Total playing time30:38


Algaesthesia - Experiencing Inhuman Suffering (2010)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: Poland

1. To Drown in Spiritual Mortification
2. Experiencing Inhuman Suffering